social media audit

Socail Media Audit


Our social media audit is a service that allows our social media experts to examine your page, give it a grade, and advise on what needs to be changed. This service will come with a guide and 30 min Strategy Call. The guide will be used to show your grade and the suggestions our expert has for each section. The call will be used for explaining why we made the suggestions we did and to answer any of your questions.

For each section, the All About It expert will give a grade 1 - 3 (1 - Not Good, 2 - Okay, But Could Be Better, 3 - Perfect). After giving a grade, in the guide, the expert will briefly explain why they gave the grade and what they would suggest instead if needed.

The call will be used to walk you completely through the audit, the explanation, and field any final questions that you may have. Once the call is done your service will be complete. You will be responsible for making changes to your page. This service should only take 7 - 10 days to complete.

We will audit, grade, and suggest on these key areas:


  1. Overall Page

  2. Page Aesthetic

  3. Page Layout

  4. Following

  5. Username

  6. Bolded Name

  7. Bio

  8. Profile Image

  9. Highlights

  10. Business Contact

  11. Link In Bio

  12. Content

  13. Engagement

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